University Member Activity Tracking and Reporting

SEDONA is a self-service web database application that allows members to maintain their teaching, research, service, experience, development, credentials, and assessment records. Members can create a public site, automatically updated by SEDONA. Administrators may use SEDONA to automatically update school web pages, support accreditation, build rubrics to assess learning objectives, customize reports (including CVs), create database queries, web surveys, ePortfolios, evaluations, and benchmark faculty productivity using scorecards.

"... After spending hundreds of hours developing and maintaining a number of EXCEL-based spreadsheets to tabulate research, workloads, and teaching, I discovered SEDONA. Now I have all the data at my fingertips in a single database and can formulate specialized reports that were not before possible. In the first two months of use, its purchase price has been recovered many times over. I heartily recommend this product."
- Colin Read, State University of New York - Plattsburg

The SEDONA System

Tracking and Reporting

SEDONA was designed as a self-service application. Such a design allows the significant task of entering and validating member teaching, research, and service activities to be spread out to and ultimately made the responsibility of those who are most concerned that the data be there and that it be right, which in this case is faculty members.

Through a newly designed, user-friendly interface, members can enter (or cut/paste from another document) activity data into various web forms and submit this data to the school's database. SEDONA then aggregates this data into meaningful reports that can be used to support accreditation, provide information to media outlets, or document assurance of learning.

Data Centralization and Mobility

Because SEDONA is a web application, connection to the institutional database is supported wherever there is Internet access. So members can update their CVs from anywhere in the world, and these updates are immediately reflected in the various reports aggregated by SEDONA.

Your data is YOUR data, and SEDONA has no rights to it. At the college level, there is a download feature that allows you to download your entire database, including tables and relationships, whenever and as often as you want. You can use this data set to drive any of your other internal applications that rely on CV data, and then periodically refresh the data set from SEDONA.

Personnel Training and Support

Included in the first year's subscription is a full day of on-campus training. Schools are only responsible for covering the travel expenses of the SEDONA representative.

After implementation, questions are handled by calling or emailing SEDONA. Your questions and requests are handled in a friendly and efficient manner, usually the same day (depending on the complexity).

Browser Compatibility

- current versions of:
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome

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Who is Using SEDONA?

SEDONA Features

  • Multi-Level Access
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Customize Reports - Template Builder
  • Design Web Surveys - Survey Builder
  • Evaluate - Evaluation Builder
  • Benchmark/Score - Scorecard Builder
  • Query Database - Query Builder
  • Assess Learning - Assurance Builder
  • Link university pages - Web Services
  • Maintain Central File Repository
  • Upload/Manage Teaching Schedules
  • Track Member Research Activities
  • Track Member Service Activities
  • Track Member Teaching Activities
  • Track Grants and Awards
  • Manage Committees; Search Minutes

Try the Demo

If you want to "test drive" SEDONA you can gain full access to SEDONA by clicking on the Login button in the top, right corner of this page. Then, on the login page, simply click on "Demo" and choose the level or account type from which you wish to view SEDONA.

There are three levels: the member level, the department level, and the college level. Each of these levels allows you to browse through every screen in the application, including input screens and reports appropriate for that level.