SEDONA offers a one-day training seminar to schools who have newly adopted Sedona. This training is included in the initial year's licensing fee. This is usually arranged into two separate sessions during the day. The first is for the administration (deans and chairs) and staff representatives from the college and each of the departments who will be working with Sedona. In this session, In this session, the SEDONA representative will demo Sedona, covering the college and departmental responsibilities regarding data entry and maintenance, including:

  • Entry of new faculty, entry of new journals
  • Entry of new courses
  • Uploading faculty teaching schedules from the university system (Banner, etc.)
  • Faculty committee assignments
  • Setting up the scheduler
  • Managing petitions
  • Setting up scorecards
  • Setting up report templates
  • Setting up annual evaluations, etc.

This can take 1.5-2 hours. Then, it's good to have a 2nd training session for the faculty, where the SEDONA representative covers mainly data entry, setting up a customized vita template, and creating web surveys. The faculty training session ideally occurs in a computer lab where the faculty can actually enter data into their records while the SEDONA representative is there. A couple of one-hour lab sessions can be scheduled for faculty, and the faculty can attend the one that best fits their schedules.